About Torion Sellers

In the current state of the world, we are accustomed to our youth being treated as if they are animals; that they have no couth; no goals. Well those days are coming to a close. Now are the days of today’s youth having goals; having dreams and conquering them. Coming out of the starting gate is Atlanta’s own, Torion Sellers. He is an Actor – Singer – Songwriter and he is here to stay!

Sellers burst onto the scene at the tender age of 13 with his first mixtape: The Initiation Vol. 1 in 2011. He began grooming at an even younger age, growing up in a musical home in Atlanta, Georgia. The son of a musician/preacher, Torion got his first taste as he stood up in church and sang. Fast forward 5 years later; he has three mixtapes under his belt under the Young Money Label. Now signed to Sony Music, this super talented young man has released his first EP: “Alive”; along with his first single, “Flavas”.

“Flavas is about all the beautiful ladies around the world. It doesn’t matter what shape, color or size; I love all different flavas.”

Torion stated.

Not only is this young entertainer working on his musical ventures and heavily promoting his new single, “Flavas”, Torion Sellers recently debuted on the big screen in the movie: Barbershop 3 – The Next Cut. Torion stars opposite Ice Cube and Nicki Minaj as ‘Anthony’, the Assistant to Calvin. His character is a young man with a wholesome heart that brings hope to the community. This was a great opportunity for the young star. “My team called; I was excited. I had about a good 48 hours to learn the script. I went and auditioned for another role and the director thought I was perfect for Anthony.” Sellers shared. “The next thing I know, I’m on the set; filming with nothing but legends around me.“

“It was an honor to be around everybody. Everybody immediately welcomed me in. It was truly inspiring; I had a blast.”

On the cast of Barbershop 3

Torion Sellers is definitely the new generation of superstars to come. With a good head on his shoulders and a team behind him that promotes positivity in our youth, nothing can stop him from growth. Working and travelling the road on a regular basis never stopped him from finishing high school. Torion graduated High School in May 2016. Now, it’s time to hit stages and travel for his dream.