Hello world! It’s Torion Sellers
by on July 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hey Torion Fans, Torion here….I am Torion Sellers and it is my destiny to become the new generation of superstars to come. My goals are simple, to keep a good head on my shoulders and my team behind me that promotes positivity in our youth, nothing can stop me from obtaining my goals while continuing to live, learn, love and grow. I have been working and traveling the road on a regular basis and it never stopped me from finishing high school. School is very important. I graduated High School in May 2016. Now, it’s time to hit stages and travel for my dreams.

The Torion Sellers blog is where you will find the latest information and original content  me, Torion.

Let us know what you want to know about, hear about or dream about Torion by commenting below and we will listen, period! We want to give you the latest Torion Sellers content in any FLAVA you want..our new and improved website in responsive so that whatever device you are rocking , the website and all its content will adapt to your device…sweet, huh? We know. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check Torion Sellers in the smash movie, BarberShop 3

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